Tom’s Tried and Tested Team

Womenswear has been a desert for the past few years.

(The McQueens and the elites of Japan and Belgium aside of course, as that is a fantastic solar system unto itself).

For the most part, there is sand everywhere, but it is water we seek to quench our thirst.

We need the oasis that is Tom Ford womenswear.

Julianne Moore wearing Tom Ford Womenswear. Lucky lady.

A few drops of nourishment have been fed to us – we know that he is to come back – soon…

Well now, WWD is reporting that a top-notch team is being put in place to make our wells runneth over with sexy, vampy and glam glad rags.

Mr. Ford’s menagerie a trois includes ex-Givenchy RTW designer, Caroline Tixier,  ex-McQueen accessory designer, Pablo Coppola and shoe designer Michael Lewis, who has worked with Ford before at Gucci and with brands like Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Nothing but A-list for Tom.

Business partner Domenico De Sole and Tom are not commenting pour le moment.

He walketh softly and is carrying what is likely a very big stick.

According to WWD, the line could launch in Fall 2011 via presentation vs. runway show in either Milan or New York.

My guess is that it’s Milan (to stick it to the Gucci Group), plus Fall is a bigger fashion season so Tom will take it to the max in Milan.

The mysterious Mr. Ford

For a marketing maven and a man who loves excess to be so very quiet at the moment seems strange…

…but you can bet your Gucci gear that the launch will be la-arge and globally grand, my friends.

Ford and De Sole are banking on it.

Moore photo courtesy of WWD. Ford photo source.


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