Karl Is It

Well, actually, Coke is it.

But Karl Lagerfeld is everywhere and thus, also it.

Not content with designing for Chanel, Fendi and his own label; photographing ad campaigns, editorials, Vogue covers and calendars;  serving as a guest editor;  having his own tokidoki doll and hanging around tea cups, Uncle Karl has now redesigned the packaging for the real thing – Coca Cola.

Okay, it’s Coke Light so not exactly the real, real thing.

Humility is not one of his mainstays, so the bottle is dressed with the unbearable likeness of being Karl.

Classic in black, white and red. The coke bottle, interpreted by Karl.
The bottle is €3.50 or, you can get the Chanel-priced boxed set for €60.
Karl captures Coco for the Coca-Cola campaign.

Word on the Rue is that Ms. Rocha is rocking Karl’s personal accessories in the shoot.

The bottle and boxed set are both available at Collete.

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