Mag Rack: Brown is in Vogue

Being brown is in Vogue – literally.

Vogue India – the fashion bible of the Motherland (and beyond!) – has put women of all shades of dusk on its cover.

Cover models Ashika Pratt, Diva Dhawan, Esha Gupta, Fiona Thomas, Gia Johnson, Nethra Raghuraman, Tinu Verghese, Vaishali Ramaswami and Vipasha Agarwal are photographed in Goa by ubersnapper Prabuddha Dasgupta for the April 2010 issue.

The Dawn of Dusk - Vogue India, April 2010

Before my compatriots in this part of the world get upset by my commentary, you have to understand that India is a country obsessed with lighter skin – there’s even a whole cosmetic industry dedicated to skin lightening!

This reminds us that the skin you were born with is the right one, in more ways than one.

Watch the shoot in action…


Images by Prabuddha Dasgupta.

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