Excessories, Too

So, where were we? Oh yes, we were talking about the poetry and the balance of life.

While fashion’s minimalism in recent years has dominated, the past few seasons have also showcased a curious case of excess.

When it comes to accessories, ‘the bolder the better’ has been the bon mot of the bejewelled and bespectacled set.

Christian Siriano studded specs for FW10
Rocking out with Karl Lagerfeld SS10 specs

Was everyone inspired by Devo? Guitar arm shades and funny hats?

Take me to your leader. Givenchy's cone topper

Imagine if a blogger wore one of these to a fashion show and sat in front of you. You’d be a bobble-head, trying to get a good view.

Or you could be a bauble-head instead…

Chanel's deco cuff from FW09. Fancy that!
Totally tribal arm adornment at Sabyasachi FW09
Keeping beauty at arm's length at Dior Couture SS10

If the dangling jewels weren’t enough for you at Dior, there were the beyond-elbow-length gloves in cerise, contrasted with a sheen of olive green. Delicious.

But if daring is more your style vibe, there was plenty of that, too, courtesy of gothentic Gareth and Manish Arora.

Drool-worthy and dramatic at Gareth Pugh FW10
Is it a glove or a bracelet at Manish Arora FW09?

It’s all a chain reaction, you see. The economy tanks. We minimize. We get bored. Fashion rocks and shocks us into the land of the living, once more. It shows us that our lives can shine on, again.

Retro excess, circa 1947. Photo by Nina Leen.

Fashion has always told us to toss our troubles aside…

Valaya Base feather boa FW09

…to let the fun flourish!

Nicholas Kirkwood's plumed prancers for SS10

There is incredible beauty in appreciating each step in life.

A beautiful mess of mesh at Valentino SS10
Alexis Mabille climbers
Be viny - not whiny. Alexis Mabille FW09

So, don’t let your troubles creep up – take a stand and stomp out the drama.

Another Mag 9 showcases YSL's solid stompers

Happiness is a precarious balance.

An extreme wedge for extreme situations at Givenchy

You’ve got to toughen up and believe in your power.

Givenchy sandals FW09

Wear armour, if necessary – to battle the brash.

I'll gladly wear these babies from Christian Siriano FW10
Shin-tastic at Manish Malhotra FW09
Luxury and necessity - wrapped up at JPG Couture SS10

What’s that old saying? Dress for the life you want.

Dress for excess, darlings.

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Image sources: Siriano shades, Sabyasachi, Gareth Pugh and YSL images courtesy of Another Magazine, Nina Leen image, Valaya and Manish Malhotra images courtesy of Vogue India,  Kirkwood and Valentino images courtesy of Obsessed with Shoes, Mabille, Siriano sandals. All others from Style.com.

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