I Knew It When We MET

The Metropolitan Museum of Art held its annual Costume Institute Gala, to mark the opening of the American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity exhibit last night.

The event and red carpet isn’t what it used to be. Like everything else, it has become homogenized and mainstream. When you see curator Andrew Bolton on Entertainment Tonight, you are thrilled for him…but a little sad, too. It’s like when The Cure got nominated for a Grammy. It was time to move on.

Where were the fashion celebs, my dears?

It was all Hollywood and wouldn’t.

I’ll post my comments on the lot of dresses tomorrow, but had to share this with you tonight.

Diane Kruger, thank you for saving the red carpet at the MET single-handedly in this stunning while Calvin Klein column.

Diane Kruger: White Hot
Kruger and Dapper Josh Jackson, also in Calvin Klein
Simplicity at its very best. Dream-fitted, too.
With the designer - whose BlackBerry is buzzing as we speak!

Francisco Costa, thank you for showing us the glory of the Calvin Klein brand again. It makes me all misty-eyed.

More tomorrow on the couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t aspects of the red carpet.

All images courtesy of JustJared.com.

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