Déjà Vu: Have we MET before?

During my exploration of the fash fest that is the Costume Institute Gala, I had a couple of déjà vu moments.

I ask you, dear readers, is it moi or is sweet Carey Mulligan slowly morphing into Renee Zellweger?

Carey's pursed lips worry me
It's the same face Renee has in every photo opp.

You are on the red carpet, ladies! You are allowed to smile coyly at least. I don’t like the recurrence of Miu Miu on Ms. Mulligan who should be taking a few more risks at her age (see old ladies comment in prior post) and Renee Z – I catch some Zs each time she wears Carolina Herrera. Now, there is nothing wrong with a Carolina H dress but every single red carpet? Really?

And as for M.I.A.’s cobweb number by Alexander Wang for the Gap – is it a memory gap in my mind..or have I had this couture dream before?

Oh what a tangled web we weave - M.I.A at the Met

It’s not exact – but the idea is similar. Only thing is – that web that Daphne Guinness is wearing? It’s dripping with diamonds. And she dove into a pool with it on at the Maybach launch. That’s why she is my couture hero, kids. We are dealing with a professional here.

Daphne G, webbified with diamonds.

Daphne G photo courtesy of Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Maybach. All others from JustJared.com.

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