Remember Now, Now Online

We should call this St. Tropez Week!

First there was the trailer for the film. Then the Bocce ball soiree. Remember Now, Karl Lagerfeld’s 17-minute film for Chanel’s 2011 Resort collection is now online.

The one-liners are divine (Karl says he prefers them to a full script and I can see why!).

Get a glass of wine, the good olives and a hunk of camembert and get cozy. Here is the full film, in two parts.



Love Karl dressed in St. Tropez whites. My favourite line? “I am not French,” as uttered by Carmen in response to not knowing Colette. But darling Carmen, even I am not French. It didn’t stop me from buying a weathered vintage copy of Colette’s writings from an antique dealer on Rue de Bac in Paris.

A close second is “you are late for the party but early for lunch. ” Sigh.

So tongue in chic, Karl. J’adore!

I’ll have the recap of the collection presented earlier today, for you in the next day or so, as I digest it.

It’s exhausting keeping up with the jet set!

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