Nudist Cologne-y

I had no idea that the men’s fragrance market was so tough.

Apparently, no men’s cologne can be sold without the designer or model being naked in the ad!

First there was Yves in this now infamous shot.

Yves Saint Laurent in ze buff

Then came Tom whose work for Gucci and YSL – and in his own self promotion – involved a staggering lack of clothing given his vocation of you know, designing clothes.

Tom, baring it all for Prestige Hong Kong in 2008.
Going full frontal for fashion. This is the tame ad - the one for the Euro mags bared all for tout le monde!

And now, because really, fashion designers don’t get naked enough these days…there is Marc.

Er, that's a really large bottle, Mr. Jacobs.

Given the number of naked women hocking products, this balances things out a wee bit.

Image sources: Yves, Tom, Marc.

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