Burberry: Knot to be Outdone

Burberry has become ubiquitous nowadays. If you don’t think so, consider where the brand was a year ago and think of the number of times you’ve heard about them or come across the big B just in your daily travels recently.

Whether your encounter is of the human variety where an infamous check or trench walks by you on a regular basis (on person or pooch), or whether your encounter is more intimate – in your closet or on your laptop, perhaps – Burberry items are coveted.

The company has been making a big social media splash with partners like Scott Schuman who recently photographed the Art of the Trench campaign. They also streamed their show online like a closet-full of other global brands, but in a key distinguishing move, they made the goods that you viewed available for order at the same time. Other brands have yet to leverage the immediate, impulse buying power of the web in the same way. Burberry knew the emotional connection their audience had with them – they built up the hype around the show and made us all a part of it. We now had access, not only to a front row seat, but to the front of the buyer’s list.

Burberry and its head of creative everything – one Christopher Bailey – have become household names (at least in chic households the world over). As a sidenote, I’m wondering why Bailey wasn’t on the Fast Company 100 Most Creative People in Business list, released earlier today? Food for thought.

Well, his efforts aren’t for nought. Numbers, you see, don’t lie. WWD reported (also this morning) that the company’s profits this year until March 31st rose to 82.2 million pounds, or $131.5 million (USD). That’s a sales spike of 6.5 percent – spiked sky-high boots for FW10 not yet accounted for (but they are on my shopping list – and likely yours, too).

Compare that to last year, when the brand actually registered a loss of 5.1 million pounds, or $8.2 million (USD).

Sales rose to 1.28 billion pounds, or $2.04 billion (USD). Chief executive Angela Ahrendts told WWD about the future: “Looking forward, while mindful of the economic environment, Burberry plans to build on its strong financial position by accelerating investment in growth initiatives in retail, digital, and new markets, while continuing to enhance the brand.”

It goes to show you, while there were twists and turns in their path, Burberry is a brand (k)not to be messed with. Here are a few of my faves from the SS10 collection.

Twisted sister at Burberry
Ravishing in ruched trousers
Knotted and besotted - the classic trench swishes and sashays.

Every story has twists. Just keep moving forward.

All figures (and quote) from WWD. Images from Style.com.

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