God(dess) Save(d) McQueen

You undoubtedly heard a week or two ago that Isabella Blow’s wardrobe was to be auctioned off by Christie’s in Fall, 2010.

Isabella Blow by Miguel Reveriego

Well, the couture collectibles have been saved from the grabbing hands and bought by one Ms. Daphne Guinness, in a private sale.

Everyone's fave fairy goth mother, DG does good - seen here wearing Treacy in Vogue Italia.

She bought the whole lot!

You could say the Guinness goddess saved McQueen…and Treacy…and beyond.

There are over 90 McQueen masterpieces, custom millinery by Philip Treacy and a smattering of designers like Galliano and Manolo.

Isabella with McQueen in early days. She famously bought his CSM grad collection.
Camping it up with the fashion set, Blow with Hedi Slimane and Philip Treacy, wearing one of his transformational toppers.
Lee and Issy in happier times.

I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing the creations were in good hands.

“Like any artist, it should not be dispersed, but remain as a monument with people having access to it,” said Ms. Guinness, speaking to the New York Times.

I look forward to a future exhibit of the works. I am sure Valerie Steele is on the case as well!

Photos: Blow by Miguel Reveriego, Daphne G wearing Treacy in Vogue Italia, Slimane, Treacy image courtesy of the New York Times, both Lee and Issy images courtesy of the Telegraph UK.

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