Summer Splash

Summer is a tough time for mags – issues are thinner than the models, so they have to do something to catch our fickle attention at the stands.

I thought the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain was a simple idea, executed well – a nice, clean cover that had me at the flippers…

Harper's Bazaar Spain July/August 2010

Actually, the whole editorial of Tanya Dziahileva as captured by Nico is striking. Here are a few sample images.

Suddenly, I am yearning for an ocean…

Mmm...palm trees and warm sand. Great suit by Eres, too.
Forget highlights, get sunlights this summer.
A kiss or three of captivating colour!

Images courtesy of TFS.

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  1. Michael
    October 10, 2010

    Isn’t this a copy of Elle Macpherson’s photo, but black and with less cleavage? I can’t find the image right now, but it’s one of the photos she had her Britain’s Next Top Model final 3 recreate for cycle 6 episode 13.

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