Can Con at McQ

A fellow Canuck has been appointed as the new creative director at McQ, the diffusion line at Alexander McQueen.

Pina Ferlisi will be working under Sarah Burton, who took the design reigns of the main label after Lee left us so suddenly.

Pina Ferlisi - new CD at McQ.

It’s another sign of the Gucci Group’s commitment – and future plans for the brand. Ferlisi has a seasoned design resume which includes Marc by Marc Jacobs, Coach, Gap and Generra, where she was most recently. Ferlisi’s roots are in Canada and with such experience under her fashionable belt, I am really looking forward to seeing how she interprets and develops the line.

As you know from hanging out in this space, the McQueen aesthetic is very dear to my heart – it’s something that resonated with me from the beginning of each label – and this appointment makes me feel good. Through it, and the appointment of Sarah Burton last month, Gucci is not only showing loyalty to the label and what it stands for, but also to those of us who connect with it.

Choosing a rock star designer – indie or otherwise – would have taken focus away from the line itself. There seems to be so much more emphasis on the after-parties and PR of a brand than on what’s on the runway these days – and I didn’t want to see “Alexander McQueen” become homogenized like so much else out there.

As a marketer, I respect the Gucci Group’s loyalty to the positioning of McQueen. As a lover of the label, I respect that two seasoned professionals will be taking it into the future. Sarah Burton was Lee’s right hand and if anyone got his vision, she surely did. [I’ll share my thoughts on Burton’s recent men’s collection in an upcoming post.]

Ferlisi understands sportswear and diffusion lines. Through her work with the American fashion fixtures listed above and with what I think has been an avant-garde edge subdued to date, she will give us beautiful things we all want to wear and can access more easily.

It’s funny that McQueen was accused of showing misogynistic collections in the past. He was anything but a misogynist – he adored women as I am sure any of those close to him –  or any of us who wear his beautiful creations will attest.

I think he’d be comforted in knowing his vision is in the hands of two very wise women.

Image courtesy of Fashion Magazine.

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