Cozy Cozy at BrrrBerry

I woke up this morning feeling a little Mod.

Something about October makes me miss London, lots…so I put on my belted trench, a skinny ankle-length pant and my well-worn pointy double-decker-red boots.

Fashion can transport you to places you cannot immediately travel to.

After a Bloor Street meeting this morning (in Toronto), I zipped in to Burberry to visit my would-be zippered military coat from the FW10 Burberry Prorsum collection. I’ve seen a picture of my love but we haven’t been formally introduced.

Hip, unzipped at Burberry Prorsum FW10.
The decadence is in the details, darling.

I also wanted to see the Winter Storms capsule collection up close.


I have to say my visit was nothing short of cozy.

Now if you know this space, you know that I was not in that store with the intention of writing about it, nor did the olive over-the-knee snakeskin stilts arrive at my doorstep to entice me (can you check the doorstep again – are you sure they aren’t magically there?).

Ode to a boot. The stuff of poetry - Edwardian or otherwise.

I was a Mod girl on a mad, military (coat) mission.

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly by two gentlemen – security and sales. I inquired about the specific items I was seeking and the sales gentleman knew exactly of which coats I spoke. A true professional, he told me they were being unwrapped “just now”. We both did that shoulder raise/gush that a kid in a candy store does. A good sales professional not only knows his stuff, he feels and shares your excitement about the right coat.

On the second floor, a Prorsum bag called my name as I arrived. Quite the stud. Then the perfect riding boot interrupted us. And when I say perfect, I mean Edwardian with edge. Now if only I could find a gentleman that fit that description…but I digress…

I was given breathing room to experience the collection on my own and just when a question entered my mind, a lovely woman breezed by and said she’d be with me in a moment. Impeccable.

The half-zip military coat was AWOL this visit – the only two in Toronto are in someone else’s closets (lucky girls). Winter Storms were just blowing in, but the one on the top of my list hasn’t arrived yet. However, I am now on their list, without having to ask.  Another gentleman who was folding gorgeous bordeaux sweaters within hearing distance also joined the conversation.

Burberry has been a brand to watch for some time now. The collection has gotten stronger each season for the past few years with Christopher Bailey’s creative direction – the clothes are appealing to multiple ages and have the rare combination of quality, wearability and (forgive me, Christopher) a new wave-length. They’ve really embraced digital media, launched a Beauty line and their sales figures don’t lie – they’re a fashion force to be reckoned with.

However, for me, the brand’s true value was crystal clear with my experience in the store today.

This is a company that really understands people. They’ve taken the time to train, educate and empower their front-line employees. They are engaged about the pieces – the woman I dealt with not only knew the entire season’s collection, she praised that Bailey had “outdone himself this season” (a genuine sentiment – and one I happen to share). She brought out a few pieces for me to try that hadn’t hit the sales floor yet, noted other items I expressed interest in, yet didn’t push me towards a single one. She also understood my aesthetic almost immediately, instinctually.

So with all this talk of branding these days by non-marketers (I’m a card-carrying member of 15 years), it’s wonderful to see a company actually practice all 360-degrees of it.

Those coats are toasty, but that lovely energy will keep everyone warm all winter.

As I was leaving, I not only got a goodbye and thank you downstairs, but a familiar voice – or three were heard overhead. Vintage – and rare Thompson Twins.

And the circle is complete.

[I’ll be posting more of my faves from the women’s collection in the coming weeks. The Burberry FW10 Menswear collection was very New Model Army and a little Modern Maharajah.]

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