Is Green the New Brown?

Two days after Diwali and after the New Moon, marks another annual Indian festival known as Bhaiya Dooj.

Bhai means brother in Hindi (bhaiya is just a more respectful way to refer to a bhai). It’s basically a tradition that honours the bond between brothers and sisters – when sisters put a tilak or tikka on their bro’s forehead, offer him sweets and gifts and the bro reciprocates with blessings, cash-ola and a promise to kick butt if anyone goes near his sis.

Fittingly, my cousin gave her brother a pair of kicking Chucks as his gift this year, but we all seemed to disagree on the colour of the laces. The brown suede shoes came both with brown and green laces in the box.

To me (and my wee nephew) the choice is obvious.  To my cousins, it was clearly the other colour.

To go straightlaced or loosen up?

So dear readers, I ask you to decide…

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