India’s Checkered Present

Christopher Bailey and Angela Ahrendts glammed it up in Mumbai, earlier this week. They were in the Motherland to celebrate Burberry’s store opening in the home of film and frou, as well as their fashion footprint in the country as a whole.

Angela Ahrendts, Christopher Bailey, Dev Patel and Sanjay Kapoor. Could you not squeeze Patel's cheeks every time you see him?
Preity Zinta does modern military.
Karan Johar looking just dandy.
Ah, a classic sari. I'll even forgive the halter because I so love the mix or orange and red and gold, here, on Mandira Bedi. That's not a first party sighting of the same Bottega clutch, by the way.
In Mumbai, anything goes - even white pants in December! Rahul Khanna, looking dapper and Gatsby-esque.
Shilpa Shetty: poised in plum Prorsum? A few too many accessories for my liking but she is so gorgeous, it doesn't matter, does it?
Sushmita Sen, giving Burberry the cold shoulder by wearing a dress by Donna Karan (Bailey's old boss).

Here’s a slick vid from the company of the event – the contrast of everyday folks in Mumbai vs. India’s new fashion elite did not go unnoticed on this side of the world. India’s checkered present?


Although I do adore this track by The Cheek (Rory Cottam of the band was the party DJ for a bit, too), it would be have been nice to see fellow muso, Bailey choose an Indian indie band for the soundtrack. He did mention there was a local band at the event (Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan gave an acoustic performance – although classical musicians would be a better description than “band”). Next time, Mr. Bailey might want to ring up Arjun S Ravi to get a few on the bill.

The new store is the second for the company in Mumbai, which also has retail therapy locations in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

I saw a definite Indian influence in a few Burberry coats this past season. Wonder if Bailey’s first trip to the country will inspire him beyond that…

Read more about India’s lust for western retail in India Goes Gaga for Gucci and Zara Dekhna: Inditex Invades India.

Images courtesy of Vogue India.

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