Déjà Vu: Like a Leonardo

Art and fashion often intersect. Sometimes, as I flip through images in my fashion life, my art life calls out.

An image in front of your eyes recalls another, filed in the microfiche of your mind.

Like a scrolling blue-violet and white blur, it goes forward, then back, up, down, until it settles and you remember where you had seen something similar.

This Leonardo was recalled…

La Belle Ferronière by Leonardo da Vinci

…when I saw this mag cover…

Georgina Stojiljkovic by Jean-François Campos, Flair December 2010

There is a stoic softness to the face in both images.

da Vinci detail

But the colouring of the portrait and length of the nose is from another da Vinci masterpiece.

Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin and Child with St. Anne

Look at St. Anne’s face closely and look at the soft blue eyes of The Virgin.

da Vinci’s heavenly women.
Same eyes and nose to my eyes.

Art, in any form, is so powerful, isn’t it?  Once it makes an imprint, it’s not likely to leave you…

“As for your loving me, you don’t, not really.

You don’t. It’s only as something else.

As something you own. A painting, a Leonardo.

I don’t want to be a Leonardo,

I want to be myself.”

-Lucy, to Cecil in Merchant Ivory’s Room With A View

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