The Art of Dressing, Super Edition

Sometimes I come across an image that is just perfect.

It isn’t airbrushed, it isn’t a 14-year old girl in women’s clothing, it isn’t art directed.

I thought Linda Evangelista was the picture of perfection at Art Basel in Miami, earlier this month.

Tailored, yet relaxed. Casual, yet dressed. Minimal, yet detailed.

Yes, she’s a Supermodel. But she can teach us all a thing or two about not trying too hard – very little makeup, a nonchalant roll of a pant, sublime snake-skin flats, do-it-yourself hair and that air of self acceptance. Can you see it in her lovely green eyes?

The cut of this pant has changed my life in recent years - so comfortable to wear.

There’s something to be said for a woman in her 40s, accepting her natural beauty, dressing for herself.

Worn at an event where spectacle is everything, quiet grace speaks volumes.

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