Media Savant

There is media savvy – and then there is media mastery. Only the latter can be used to describe Tom Ford, or as I like to call him, Mr. Darling.

He is the biggest fashion tease, is he not? First he leaves women’s fashion, makes a beautiful and touching film, then decides he is coming back to his ladies. He then plays coy and doesn’t tell us when it will be. And when he does return, it’s wrapped in mystery – no outside cameras, a media lockdown, a massive attack against the masses, so to speak.

Then, we get morsels served in due course, so that we can savour each byte and remember what it is that we hungered for.

First, there was the release to Anna’s Vogue. Of course, it was first. Even Mr. Ford knows that.

Then, there was the collaboration with Carine – Ford guest edited the December 2010/January 2011 issue of Paris Vogue – a larger coup than one imagined at the time, given Carine’s announcement that it would be her last issue after a decade at the publication.

Since then, images of the collection have been making the social circuit – the online one.

Now, at last, we have the video.

Is it a slick production? Is it a love/lust fest? Is it everything we didn’t know we wanted but so desperately need now?

…Is his name Tom Ford?


And the collection.  I’m not a print-cess but those suits! And Daphne in that coat! Marisa, Lauren, Liya – a celebration of beautiful, strong, diverse women.  

I’m watching it again, with a glass of champagne. [Watch it in full screen for maximum impact.]

Here’s to you, Mr. Darling. Lovely to have you in my life again.

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