A New Wave Indeed, India

I picked up the October 2010, 3rd anniversary issue of Vogue India yesterday. I know, I know, it’s January, but all this global stormy weather has caused numerous delays of planes, trains and automobiles, so international mag deliveries have been fashionably late.

There was a time when Indian magazines – especially the eastern versions of western publications – left a little to be desired. I still have a ’90s issue of Elle India with the cover model sporting half-worn lipstick and chipped nail polish. But the new India, she is a different vixen. She is a connoisseur of couture. She is a consumer.

Vogue India came to the Motherland just at the right time, I think. The country was at its sartorial turning point, with designers debuting daily in Delhi and beyond. The lascivious quest for luxury today is likely up to the maharaja max, although I wonder if anyone can outdo the fleet of garbage trucking Rolls-Royces commanded by the Maharaja of Patiala. Shudder the thought.

In fact, in my humble opinion, I think Vogue India is perhaps one of the best mags on the global market today. While they share some content with other international editions of the empire, there is a distinct vibe about this Vogue. There isn’t a submissive bow to the West, nor a particularly desi distinction. It straddles both worlds effortlessly, offers a fresh perspective each month – and does what many other magazines these days simply fail to do (more so now, with Carine leaving Paris Vogue aussi).

Vogue India gets me excited about clothes again.

The mag introduces me to artists I don’t know and am likely to befriend, shows me the places and faces of the new India I have not seen as yet. And while I may know many of the Indian and international designers they feature, their styling team is a burst of fresh sea air and even I, a fashion addict, see something I never have before.

I often find myself gasping out loud at editorials styled by Anaita Shroff-Adajania and Deep Kailey. The spread entitled A New Wave, featuring a fresh take on saris, styled by Kailey and photographed by Paul Maffi, was no exception.

It is absolutely exceptional.

The talent of the team goes well beyond the standard six yards.

Another great example of one of my fave colour pairings – red, black and white. You couldn’t do a story entitled ‘new wave’ without it.

There are so many layers I adore here. Loved the twist on the camel and black pairing, as well as the update on dress over pants – one of my eternal favourites thanks to my dear friend Sarah, who did it first. Those of you unfamiliar with the intricacies of saris will not get this, but to pair a traditional plain cotton summer sari over wool pants is just pure innovation. Va, va.

A print I could get attached to. And is that the perfect shade of pink? Sari by Puja Arya.
Looooove the idea of lycra sleeves for a sari blouse. Liberating!

A sari + shirt collar. Still processing this.

Kindred spirits – one of my fave pieces from my friend Satya Paul’s collection. This look might be one of my top ones for the season. The jacket is Peter Pilotto and the shirt, Hermes. I could study it for ages.

A wild pairing - sari by Kiran Uttam Ghosh + leopard prints by Dolce and Gabbana.

Images courtesy of TFS.

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