You Might As Well…Jump

When jumpsuits hit the runways a few years ago, I was more than a little weary. I even banned B from buying one. But lately, I find myself strangely drawn to them (I can hear B’s A-HA from here.)

I was watching The Backup Plan the other night (two hours of my life I will never get back, btw) and I can’t stop thinking about the outfit Jennifer Lopez wore in the second date scene. It’s an off-shoulder number with harem pants in a gorgeous navy. (B is now screaming: navvvvvyyy?! You???)

Alex O'Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez - she, in the perfect jumpsuit.

Then, I came across this jewelled version earlier tonight, by Oscar de la Renta.

A new take on evening, by the master - Oscar.

Now don’t jump to conclusions, I haven’t bought one yet…but consider it a hop and a skip away.

Film still courtesy of IMDB. ODLR Facebook image.

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