A day in my professional marketing life means that I get a visual barrage on a regular basis. My fashion life then adds hundreds of daily images to that mix. Plus, with digital consumption being a required daily multi-vitamin, that visual vista expands even further.

One, two, 400, 792…our minds fuse each image, filing all of them away for search and retrieval (or perhaps not) later. Everything starts to blur.

Until it doesn’t.

Sometimes, amongst the creative clutter, there is a silencing of the noise.  There is a moment.

Such was the case for me when I came across the photographic work of Mark Leibowitz. His stunning record of  backstage goings-on at fashion shows, is a study in the chaos, beauty, colour, passion and frenetic pace that is the fashion industry, behind that runway.

Taken during several shows over the years (Leibowitz has shot traditional backstage images for Galliano for about 12 years), these photos have been on display, written about and lauded the world over.

I came across them for the first time yesterday and like any discovery of art into one’s consciousness, they filled me.

Galliano, Spring 2009 by Mark Leibowitz
Galliano, Spring 2009 by Mark Leibowitz
Christophe Josse Couture 2009 by Mark Leibowitz
Stéphane Rolland Couture by Mark Leibowitz
Elisa Palomino FW10 by Mark Leibowitz
Galliano FW08 by Mark Leibowitz
Galliano FW09 by Mark Leibowitz
Elie Saab Couture 09 by Mark Leibowitz
Nina Ricci FW09 by Mark Leibowitz
Elisa Palomino FW10 by Mark Leibowitz

Funny how a series of blurred images stopped the blurring in my head.

I want to wallpaper my mind with them and escape to a place of beauty.

Isn’t that what true art offers?  A momentary escape?

All images by Mark Leibowitz, courtesy of Leibowitz Pictures.

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