A new image emerged from the Alexander McQueen brand today. There’s something very lovely, yet very sombre about it, don’t you think?

Amongst Butterflies – one of Sarah Burton’s designs for SS11

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen butterflies at McQueen. Who could forget this hat, for one? Sarah Burton also had a flock of them in her first collection – including the winged dress above.

What I thought was interesting, though, is the scattered butterflies from which the model and new dress emerge.

Butterflies represent many different things to many cultures. In Chinese culture, they can represent long life. To the Japanese, they are a sign of a happy, married life. In Greek mythology, lovers Eros and Psyche were often shown surrounded by butterflies – and Psyche (the Greek word for butterfly) when translated, means soul. The Ancient Greeks also believed that butterflies were the souls of the dead.

I think to many of us they represent change and transformation.

To me, this brand has always had a soul. Lee made sure of that, didn’t he? I thought this was a beautiful way (whether it was their intent or not) for them to continue that tradition: a new life from a soul, lost, yet ever-present.

As much as my heart still breaks that we have lost the talent and the man that we have, this image gives me hope. Hope, that out of loss, a new life can emerge, a life can be transformed, that we can see beauty. Again.

And what are we without hope? What are we without wings?

Image courtesy of Alexander McQueen.

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