SAG Awards: Mispronounced

There’s a simple fashion motto I have always lived by: if you can’t pronounce the designer’s name, you shouldn’t be wearing their designs.

Add to that: if you are an actor whose profession it is to – you know – memorize lines, you should really have said skill mastered on a red carpet.

Here is a look from Chanel’s “HOTE” Couture line.

Dianna Agron in Chanel - not so haute, in my humble opinion.

And another one from “Terry Mooglurr”.

Kyra Sedgwick in "Terry" cloth.

Ms. Sedgwick, this is not just vintage. This is not just Thierry Mugler. This is not something you have to “try and remember to get right”.

This is an iconic dress that you should be able to recognize instantly by the neckline alone…from a distance…with a set of binoculars.

A little respect, SVP.

Images courtesy of and the LA Times blog, respectively.

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