Social Media Week Kicks Off

How could I kick off a week where I am co-curating 50 events without a new pair of boots?

And given my work with Ryerson, how could they not have a little bit of furrr (in this case, the faux kind)?

While it is always a high (I had to!) to buy a new pair of heels – and double that for heeled boots – this particular purchase was distinctively delicious.

First, there was the glimmer of the silver box. This is sturdy enough to hold its own in my closet and won’t fall apart.

The Box

Then there was the crackle of matching tissue. Like opening a present. To myself.

The Drama

And ta-da: handmade, bordeaux, faux-fur trimmed beauties. For me? I totally should have. And did.

The Gift
The Colour

What put it over the top? The little mini gift inside, with customized colour polish, the cutest little brush and a soft cloth to buff the beauties.

And if that weren’t enough, the note prompted a hand-to-mouth-kiss of ‘magnifico’!

The polish - and perfection.

It’s nice to see that some companies haven’t forgotten the notion of customer experience. It should extend well beyond the sales desk. I will think of this little excerpt from the note each time I wear them…

“In fact, in each hand made piece you may perceive the essence of the person who worked on it, and this is what makes it so special; through our hands we create, we work and we communicate…”

What a great way to start off a week about communication, that I’ve worked for months to put together!


And, bless George C for having some of the best buyers in this city.

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