Godfathers of Glam

The New York Times’ T magazine did a great feature on the Godfathers of Glam, wearing skinny suits. The shoot includes photos of some of my favourite music and style icons, including Misters Ferry, Davies and Gahan, as well as Nick Cave, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed among a few others.

Here’s a sneak peek (the arrows aren’t clickable here).

Godfathers of Glam - Bryan Ferry on exshoesme.com
Bryan Ferry, wearing his own bespoke suit by his preferred Saville Row tailor, Anderson Sheppard and shirt by Sean O'Flynn.
Godfathers of Glam - Ray Davies on exshoesme.com
Ray Davies in Calvin Klein. Yeah, you really got me now.
Godfathers of Glam - Dave Gahan on exshoesme.com
Dave Gahan in Cavalli - a designer that really works for him, no?

The NYT has a full interactive feature with all photos and accompanying audio tracks from the well-dressed, well-versed set. It’s definitely worth a look and listen, my dears.

Just one question: where is Mr. Bowie? Okay one more: doesn’t John Doe look hauntingly like Mr. Ferry in the photo they’ve used? Take a look and let me know if you agree…

Images courtesy of T magazine.

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