Everlasting Elizabeth

She hated being called Liz.

She ruled the Silver Screen in the ’50s and ’60s.

She captivated us with her style and her lifestyle.

Elizabeth Taylor passed away today, Wednesday, March 23rd, at the age of 79.

Here are some of my favourite images of a woman who can never be forgotten.

Elizabeth Taylor in Ash Wednesday on exshoesme.com
1. Elizabeth Taylor in Ash Wednesday, 1973.
Elizabeth Taylor in 1959 in Suddenly Last Summer on exshoesme.com
2. Glowing in the summer sun in 1959 in Suddenly Last Summer.
Elizabeth Taylor in The Girl Who Had Everything on exshoesme.com
3. Graced with lace, in The Girl Who Had Everything, 1953.
Elizabeth Taylor in Elephant Walk on exshoesme.com
4. In ivory on the set of Elephant Walk, 1954.
Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra on exshoesme.com
5. A film still from Cleopatra, 1963 - a film in which she wore many iconic looks.
Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra on exshoesme.com
6. Another still from Cleopatra. Taylor wore dresses by designer Renié Copley, who won an Oscar for the women's costumes she designed for the film.
elizabeth-taylor-jason-winters-photos- 2007 on exshoesme.com
7. You can see that her sense of style carried through. Taylor wore a similar colour and sported a shorter do in 2007.
8. Taylor with David Bowie in LA in 1975. Classic.
Elizabeth-Taylor-dressed-for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on exshoesme.com
9. Taylor, in a wardrobe still from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958.
Elizabeth Taylor in Suddenly Last Summer 1959 on exshoesme.com
10. Lounging in black and white and full colour, in Suddenly Last Summer, 1969.
Elizabeth Taylor in The Sandpiper on exshoesme.com
11. A sunny disposition in The Sandpiper, 1965.
Elizabeth Taylor on exshoesme.com
12. Even in her later years, her love of a coloured lip and shiny baubles never left her.
Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra on exshoesme.com
13. Kaf-tivating in Cleopatra. A thousand gems couldn't outshine her.
Elizabeth Taylor on exshoesme.com
14. You will be missed for you flamboyance, Ms. Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor in Giant on exshoesme.com.
15. May you rest, at long last. A still from Giant, 1956.

A giant loss for the world at large.

Image sources: 1, 3-6, 9-11, 15 courtesy of doctormacro.com; 2, 13 courtesy of the Telegraph UK; 7 by Jason Winters, 2007; 8 by Terry O’Neill available for purchase; 12 courtesy of Wenn; 14 courtesy of Getty.

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