Déjà Vu: Note to my old self

It’s 1985.

I am standing on a lawn, speaking with friends.

My hair is short, a la Kate Lanphear.

My skirt is glazed cotton, from Morningstar, in a mushroom hue.

My sweater is a dull black, boatneck knit by Moretti, bought at Costelloe.

I am wearing this exact outfit, in fact (down to the pleating of the skirt!), apart from the gladiator sandals.

My shoes are lace-up, black, pointy-toed Oxfords, worn without socks, of course.

Michael Kors, you brought me back.

Michael Kors SS11 skirt on exshoesme.com
Still love the look today. Michael Kors SS11 and Jyotika SS85.

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