It’s an April Sunday in Toronto. To the uninitiated, that means we can have four seasons happen in one day. Today, we’ve seen hail, snow, freezing rain – and alas, sun.

Stay calm and do the following…

1. Expect. Like any good Canadian, when it comes to the elements, one has to be used to this sort of thing by now. Better dress for it.

Gareth Pugh SS11 Silver Coat on
Expect the elemental confusion and come to a stylish conclusion. Bring a little Gareth to brunch.

2. Reflect. Watch the sparkle of snow on the blades of green grass. It’s Sunday – a little meditation and reflection is required after all.

Gareth Pugh Silver Wrap Coat SS11 on
Wrapped in reflective thought at Gareth Pugh SS11.

3. Deflect. If the weather is grey, use the day to try on your Spring things, while dancing around wildly to shiny new tunes.

Gareth Pugh Silver Leggings and Tunic SS11 on
Imagine what the mirror will do when you face it with this on!

4. Collect. Wait a minute, is that sun I see? Collect yourself and put on something pretty – quick – before it changes its mind again.

Gareth Pugh Silver Leggings and Dress SS11 on
Frigid no more, so a frock is in order!

5. Connect. Call up your best fashion friend and take a new dress for a spin. It’s Spring. After. All. That.

Gareth Pugh Silver Dress SS11 on
Our Spring is short - best to enjoy it while we can.

Gareth Pugh SS11 collection snaps from Dazed Digital.

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