I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream

There are some things in life we cannot seem to get enough of. Ice cream and Uncle Karl would be two things that come to mind immediately. Well now, you can have a double dip, with Uncle Karl’s latest career as an ad-mad man.

Karl Lagerfeld Rockstar Quote on exshoesme.com

It only seems fitting, after his many professions and creative collaborations, that he is directing advertising ‘films’ for Magnum Ice Cream, featuring Rachel Bilson.


My favourite has to be Baptiste yelling “Fucuss! Fucuss!”

But Baptiste darling, focus isn’t his forte. He’s a master of many trades.

Karl Lagerfeld Brain is a Muscle Quote on exshoesme.com

And if that wasn’t enough for you, brighten your day with W‘s excellent Thirty Minutes with Karl Lagerfeld.

It made mine.

Actually, it was even better than a scoop of my favourite ice cream.

Karl Lagerfeld Happiness Quote on exshoesme.com

All quotes taken from Karin Nelson’s interview with Karl Lagerfeld in the article linked above.

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