Off to the Ball

My fairy goth-mother is an original.

Daphne Guinness in the Barneys New York Window before The Met Ball 2011. Photo by Amanda Brooks on
McQueen Daphne in the Barneys window, dressed for the Met Ball. Photo by Amanda Brooks.
Daphne behind screen in Barneys window prior to the Met Gala 2011.
Ms. Guinness disrobes behind a screen. Photo courtesy of

She is not only attending the Met Ball, honouring her friend and my distant soul-mate, Lee McQueen, but Daphne Guinness, being the avant-garde goddess that she is, had to do something a little different.

Daphne Unveiling at Barneys Met Ball 2011 on Photo by Amanda Brooks.
An original, unveiled. Photo by Amanda Brooks.

In a piece dubbed as performance art, in collaboration with Barneys New York, Ms. Guinness just got dressed for The Ball in the store’s Madison Avenue window and headed off to the Met, complete with police escort.

Daphne drives off to The Met Ball on Photo by Wynn Burson.
Driven Daphne. Photo by Wynn Burson.

See the video for yourself.

Lee is looking down and smiling, right about now.

I’ll have lots more from the gala to end all galas tonight, so watch this space, my dears.

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