Cruising Karl Does it Again

It’s that time of year again – believe it or not. It seems just like last month that I was writing about Karl’s take-over, make-over of St. Tropez.

Well, today, Cap d’Antibes, France was a-flurry with Chanel Resort 2012 antics – the kind of antics that only Uncle Karl can elicit from his entourage of pretty, young things.

Ze collection, of couss, was shown along wiz a 30-minute Lagerfeld directed feelm – de rigueur at these affairs, by now.

Grab a snack, here’s a preview of the fashion flick. (And by snack, I mean foie gras and toast points.)


Pics of pieces and picks of party people tomorrow, my dears.

Need to sort through the mélange.

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