Mango Season

Go across boundaries and uncrate the notion that fashion is ripe for the picking.

A British model took over a French landmark to launch her video collaboration with an American photographer for a Spanish retailer.

How’s that for global jaw-droppage?

Kate Moss at the Mango Launch Party in Paris May 2011 on
Digging the satin pants out of my closet, as we speak. Ms. Moss looking lovely in black and white.

Kate Moss was at the Centre Pompidou – along with the Miró and Kandinsky masterpieces – and Terry Richardson, where Mango held a fashion show that Duchamp and his contemporaries would have both applauded and been appalled at.

The gaga wasn’t over Dada this time, but over the juicy fruits of the Spanish retail chain’s designs for Fall.

Models rode up the escalators during the show, while the hangers-on, hung on and admired one of the loveliest views of Paris, from the bubble-wrapped building.

The Moss/Richardson vid was shown last night, but hasn’t been released en masse, as yet. In the time being, here is the glitzy one of the party, itself.


It’s a fashionable and fitting tribute to International Museum Day, methinks.

If you’ve never been, you must pop over to the Pompidou on your next visit to Paris and be at one with Brancusi and beyond.

[Update May 20: The Moss/Richardson collaboration video is now up.]

Image: Getty.


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