Increased Awareness

There is perfection in life’s flaws.

Donna Karan SS11 Ruched Jacket on
Look into the crevices of your soul. Donna Karan's designs are always driven by it.

There is inherent beauty there.

If you seek it.

Donna Karan SS11 Creased Linen Suit on
Life is always better with texture, isn't it?
Donna Karan SS11 Linen Suit on
The curves are far more interesting than the straight lines.

Increase your awareness.

Donna Karan SS11 Rolled Pants and Tank on
Roll with the punches - and follow your hunches.

Raise your consciousness to new heights.

Donna Karan SS11 Rope and Cork Sandals on
Tied to a higher power.
Donna Karan SS11 Wrinkled Suit on
The complexities of the modern age have us on edge.
Listen to your spirit – and heed it.

Don’t turn your back on your inner voice – you will need it.

Donna Karan SS11 Long linen jacket on
Takes me back to a time - when there was time.

Donna Karan had one of the most beautiful collections for Spring.

Sometimes the poetry of a sleeve brings infinite relief.

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