Making a Point

I was never trained on runners – trainers in some parts of the world.

I’m not sporty like that.

But sometimes, a girl needs to walk for miles.

That need for comfort shouldn’t mean having to change your fashion personality.

Mr. Yamamoto, thank you for making it a point to think of us girls, who have a little goth in their spirit.

Y-3 SS11 Black Pointy Toed Sneakers on
Past the point of no return: Y-3 SS11 sneaks.
Y-3 SS11 White Pointy Toed Sneakers on
In these, you can go summer goth. It might even pass for 'sporty' in some circles.

These are screaming for a skinny, ankle-length, black, tailored capri and breezy, white linen shirt.

Ooh…summer me might just come out yet!


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