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Mary Katrantzou was clearly inspired by the surroundings of a dressed-to-the-nines room, for her Spring Summer 2011 collection.

The collection featured drapery, upholstery fringe and even a lampshade skirt!

Mary Katrantzou SS11 Strong Shoulder on exshoesme.com
The strong shoulder, according to Mary K.
Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2011 Mary Katrantzou September 2010
Short term or long-term? How about the sheer joy of both?

I had the pleasure of seeing her pieces up close at an event last Fall, showcasing Ms. K and her contemporaries – the new breed of Brits and their bright ideas.

Mary Katrantzou SS11 Draped Slit on exshoesme.com
Ms. K's technique stands out each season.
Mary Katrantzou SS11 Fringed Hem on exshoesme.com
Fringin' fabulous.
Mary Katrantzou SS11 Fringed Hem Dress on exshoesme.com
Such a simple, yet unique idea, executed exquisitely.
Mary Katrantzou SS11 Fringed Thighs on exshoesme.com
Imagine the sashay...
The dress on display in Toronto. Photo by Jyotika Malhotra.
When you are not wearing it, this skirt can serve as room decor. Photo by Jyotika Malhotra.
Mary Katrantzou SS11 Lampshade Skrit on exshoesme.com
I am beginning to see the light and it's in the form of a lampshade skirt.

Those wedge heels were also one of my favourite shoes this season.

A dress begging to be danced in, by Mary Katrantzou. Photo by Jyotika Malhotra.
Mary Katrantzou SS11 Lampshade Hem on exshoesme.com
It's crystal clear why all eyes are on Ms. K at the moment.
Every room needs a great piece of art to ground it. Why should your closet be any different? Photo by Jyotika Malhotra.

Images, where noted are by Yours Truly. All others are from Vogue.com.

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