Strappy Summer

Summer’s here.

Are you strapped in and ready to revel in it?

Hermes SS11 High Waist and Straps on
High waisted at Hermès SS11.

That high waist wasn’t wasted on me – and the multiple straps going in all directions leave me with a clear direction on dressing.

This look will influence me well into Fall.

You could say I’ve fallen and can’t get up.

Well, sometimes a girl has to pick herself up by her haute bootstraps!

Hermes SS11 Heeled Riding Boots on
A riding boot with heels? We are together at last, my love!

So it seems, I am flirting with Fall as I write a Summer post – like JPG was in his last collection for Hermès – one of his best, in my opinion.

You can take the girl out of October…

Lots more of Monsieur Gaultier in the coming weeks, too – the Montreal exhibition, Couture, etc., etc.

A million posts reside in my heart, and only a smattering of them make it onto the virtual page. For this, I hope you will forgive me. Time, he, too is a wanton flirt, never lingering for too long…


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