Hold the presses. Kindly set down the Kindle. Transfer your eyes from your tablet.

These fab fashion mavens all have books brewing. Soonish.

Grace Coddington Photo by Andreea Macri on
Black, white and read. Grace Coddington photographed by Andreea Macri.

Ms. Coddington has just inked a $1.2 MM USD deal with Random House. Her memoirs will be co-written with ghost (and Vogue) writer, Michael Roberts. I cannot wait to hear the stories of her visual world of wizardry. Harry Potter who?

The new Mrs. Hince is being encouraged by her hubby to write her rockstar-life-story as well. However, given Kate’s passion for privacy (she doesn’t really do the interview thing, for one), this one is a juicy rumour. For now.

Even so, I had to include her on this list – because this picture was just too perfect – and spoke well beyond a thousand words.

(And yes, my darlings, I owe you Moss marriage snaps. Have them all saved for you!)

Kate Moss Reading in Italian Vogue 1995. Photo by Sante D'Orazio on
Kate Moss reading in Italian Vogue, 1995. Note the title of the book! Photo by Sante D'Orazio.

Ms. Guinness has been reborn after playing dead not once, but twice in recent months (not to mention the acting, the performance art, photography and numerous other projects). She is also busy working with Valerie Steele on her upcoming exhibition for the Museum at FIT. An accompanying book will be released in October. I’ll, of course, have more on all of the above because, well, she is my fairy goth-mother after all.

Daphne Guinness by Valerie Steele and Daphne Guinness on
The cover of the book, due out in late October by Valerie Steele and Daphne Guinness as co-authors.

And of course, Carine’s book comes out in October aussi.

Carine Roitfeld Irreverent Cover on
The glossy book that Mme Roitfeld has in the works.

(Now would be a good time to get a cup of soothing tea because I know you are panting with anticipation. Make sure the pants are at least FW11 crazy-wide. There’s more…)

I have some good news about one of our fave fashion journos. Hilary Alexander isn’t leaving the fashion industry. She announced earlier this year that she would be retiring from the Telegraph. (My heart sank. Did yours?) Although she has semi-retired from the paper, she will still be published there until next June. The fab news is that Ms. Alexander doesn’t feel she can ever truly retire from a world she loves so much. I, for one, am thankful because I’d have missed her point of view terribly.

Well, word on the runway is that she, too is working on an autobiography – due out next summer. And – she hasn’t ruled out a documentary or TV deal, as she told British Vogue recently. Hoorah!

Hilary Alexander and her doppleganger doll at her sendoff on
Hilary, talking to her doppelgänger doll at her send-off, earlier this year.
Hilary Alexander giving a sendoff speech on
When Hilary speaks...
Hilary Alexander Doll on dolls listen.

Another rumour (you saw it coming, didn’t you?) is that the other famous editor and newly minted web chic is supposedly working on her very own autobiography. It’s being denied by the Vogue camp, but I hope it’s true – I want to hear her stories in Ms. Wintour’s own words. That unauthorized bio a few years back was painful to get through, to say the least.

Anna Wintour with Daphne Guinness and Karl Lagerfeld on
..and I told two friends, and they told two friends...and so on...and so on...and so on...

I know, I know – it all seems too long to wait. Well, I have a fashion snack for you until then. Re-releases of two books about the editor who started it all – Diana Vreeland – have recently hit virtual and actual bookshelves.

I found Diana Vreeland: An Illustrated Biography by Eleanor Dwight, in hardcover on a sale table a few years ago, but will have to pick up the paperback of DV – her autobiography.

Diana Vreeland Books on
Diana: double the fun.

Time to clean out your bookshelves and make room for the tasty tomes to come, my dears. The first of them will be ready and perfect for cozy reading this Fall. Better than cashmere, no?

Images: Grace Coddington photographed by Andreea Macri; Kate Moss photographed by Sante D’Orazio for Vogue Italia, 1995 via TFS; Daphne Guinness and Carine Roitfeld book covers courtesy of; Hilary Alexander party pics courtesy of Vogue UK; Anna Wintour photo by Mario Testino courtesy of WSJ; Diana Vreeland book cover photo via Miss Omni Media.

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