The View From Here

It is with these eyes that I see

the reality of the dream you were to be

the reality of me.

Sometimes, a girl has to alter her perspective…

Bean There Done That. Photo by Jyotika Malhotra on
Bean There Done That. {Photo by Jyotika Malhotra.}

Sometimes, a girl has to look at new things in an old way.

Vintage Cat's Eye Glasses on Photo by Jyotika Malhotra
Look what I found. Me. {Photo by Jyotika Malhotra.}

I found these brand new, vintage cat’s eye shades recently. To me, they are beyond purrrfect.

They, along with a few new panoramas, have given me perspective.

Hope you are enjoying these reflective last weeks of Summer as well, my dears. I’ll get back to my routine writing schedule, come September.

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