A New Face: Fairy Goth-mother Edition

My favourite (and only) fairy goth-mother is known for her unique sense of style.

Hers is a different kind of beauty – one that resided in another time – in the past, in fairy tales of bygone eras – Victorian, Elizabethan, or otherwise. One can simultaneously imagine her as a being from the future – galactic goddess with her shimmering silver ‘shoes’ and jewelled armour.

Given her spiritual sensibilities, she could very well have lived in those eras and have been reincarnated into her present form – which, in and of itself, isn’t merely just one. She is performance artist, designer, photographer (those are her self portraits, below), creator, curator, couture dreamer and muse – and likely many other things that her public face opts not to convey.

Well, now her creative lens is focused on not just her face – but your face. Ms. Guinness is collaborating with MAC Cosmetics on a collection of lush colours and hues, in time for New Year’s celebrations. The line, which includes 21 products, will hit MAC counters in North America on December 26th, with an international launch in January.

It seems our immediate future will be faced with a little bit of glamour and a whole lot of that shimmer.

(And yes, you are having a déjà vu. Daphne has dabbled in makeup collaborations before, with Francois Nars.)

Daphne Guinness Self Portrait on Exshoesme.com
The eccentric godmother we all want.
Daphne Guinness Self Portrait on Exshoesme
What was that I said of bygone eras? Like a Greco-Roman goddess, here.
Daphne Guinness Self Portrait on Exshoesme (3)
Never a plain Jane, even sans much makeup.
Daphne Guinness Self Portrait on Exshoesme (4)
An old poetic soul, at heart, I suspect.
Daphne Guinness Self Portrait on Exshoesme (5)
She’s hard to top. Coincidentally, I just bought that shade of lipstick.
Daphne Guinness Self Portrait on Exshoesme (6)
Her version of black and white – the infamous skunk ‘do.
Daphne Guinness Self Portrait on Exshoesme (7)
Memoirs of a Geisha: a soldier of love, above all.

With files from WWD. The Estée Lauder Companies, which own MAC Cosmetics, didn’t have an official release as yet – but I’ll keep you posted on what the collection looks like once they do.

All photography by Daphne Guinness.

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