e·the·re·al (-thîrl) adj.

1. Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality;

2. Highly refined; delicate.

3. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly.

4. Not of this world; spiritual.

Comme des Garçons for SS12 was ethereal.

Words seem futile to describe these creations.

Comme Des Garcons SS12 Bags of Flowers Skirt on
Bundles of joy, just waiting to be released.
Comme Des Garcons SS12 Boned Skirt on
We are moving so fast, and forget the preciousness of being still, if only for a moment.
Comme Des Garcons SS12 Tiers of Ruffles Skirt on
There is complexity in the simple things.
Comme Des Garcons SS12 Flower Pocket on
Life is all about pockets of happiness.
Comme Des Garcons SS12 Flower Hood on
You have to let beauty envelop you, whenever possible.
Comme Des Garcons SS12 Hand Bow on
You are not bound to believe it...
Comme Des Garcons SS12 Floral Angel Wings on
...but sweet angels have your back.

All photographs by Yannis Vlamos/ via

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