Rajesh Pratap Singh is one of the great voices in Indian fashion today.

He showed a refined and classy collection for SS12 at WLIFW yesterday – his women were modern, chic and understated. As always with RPS, there isn’t a whole lot of fuss – you just look pulled together in his clothes – without the effort, on your part.

His show is a must-watch if you like your fashion, clean and serene.

What shook me this season, however, was his take on menswear – on the handful (or less) of men who paraded down the ramp in his designs.

It was like someone was telling you a really, really good secret – and you were just starting to see the story unfold.

Oh…you say to yourself.

You nod.

You know.

Rajesh Pratap Singh SS12 Menswear Cream Nehru Jacket on Exshoesme.com
This is a study in history. This is a study in modernity. There will be an exam at the end.
Rajesh Pratap Singh SS12 Menswear White and Yellow Suit on Exshoesme.com
Mr. Gatsby, meet Mr. Prufrock.

I shall pause here for a moment to contemplate the pristine brogues. That isn’t brown and white, my dears. It is mushroom – quite possibly, truffle. Rare, indeed.

Okay, it’s a longer pause than I thought. Can we also discuss the layered organza and linen and the cotton that I know is the softest from India?

Can we analyze the buttery shade of topaz, placed in sequence – like a musical arrangement – the vest, followed by the jacket and over the organza and the cotton and the linen? How do so many layers still manage to look so easy?

And can we pause, again, for this…

Rajesh Pratap Singh SS12 Menswear Red Ikat Jacket on Exshoesme.com
The maharaja of yesteryear is now one cool cat.
Rajesh Pratap Singh SS12 Menswear Red Ikat Jacket Detail on Exshoesme.com
Ikat - to be specific.

I love the kurta with a shirt collar and love the idea of a western-style blazer (vs. a Nehru jacket or vest) over it.

Isn’t the sleeve length of the jacket perfection, too? It’s these details that really make my life complete – these visual nuances – they bring me joy.

The ikat print is also an interesting take on the red jacket that was on every global menswear runway this year.

It’s hard to extinguish the heat caused by a well-dressed, distinguished gentleman, ‘innit?

See more RPS in Star Burst and Jacket Required.

Images courtesy of WLIFW.

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