There’s tweeting.

There’s reading.

Then, there is tweeding.

What is tweeding, you ask?

Well, darlings, it’s a tantalizing tome – Chanel, in this case – wrapped in a beautiful tweed. Luxe librarians, Assouline are offering up the opposite of quiet reading, in a trifecta of books on the brand that chainged everything with their perfumes, jewels and clothing – wrapped in the prettiest of packages.

Chanel Assouline Book on
Tweed softly and carry a big book.

It gives a whole new definition to the phrase, book jacket, no?

Only thirty are available at the luxe cost of $2500.

There’s also the “standard” version in classic Chanel quilted, black leather, at a fraction of the cost.

Chanel Quilted Leather Assouline Book on
Quilt and quire.

Images: Assouline.

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