Ex-Choos Me

I haven’t chosen Choos for ages as my stilts of record, but these could change my tune.

Jimmy Choo Metallic Magenta Pumps On Exshoesme.com
My, my...metallic magenta...
Jimmy Choo Metallic Magenta Pointy Pumps On Exshoesme.com
Let's get to the point - I would have liked a more elongated toe, but it works here, given the shade.
Jimmy Choo Metallic Magenta Pumps Side View On Exshoesme.com
When shopping for stilts, it's all about their silhouette.
Jimmy Choo Metallic Magenta Pumps Back View On Exshoesme.com
The heel height won't kill you, the angle of the arch will. It's a study in architecture, really.

These are more than up-to-code.

Images courtesy of net-a-porter.com.

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