You know, it’s true what your mother told you…

It’s not the clothes, but what’s underneath that counts.

My dears, I give you Mr. Rampal – in character for Ra.One – the Bolly sci-fi action/adventure flick in theatres now.

Arjun Rampal strikes a pose in Ra.One on Exshoesme.com
Mamma mia. One for the scrapbook, ya?
Arjun Rampal in Ra.One on Exshoesme
I'm gonna walk down to Electric Avenue...
Arjun Rampal in character in Ra.One on Exshoesme.com
Clothes do not make the man, after all.

WhileRampal has always been buff (he’s a former model), this is a whole new level of lean and mean. The buzz cut also has social media circles a-buzz.

Images courtesy of the man himself, @rampalarjun.

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