Métiers de Mumbai?

The House of Chanel releases a Métiers d’Art collection annually to highlight the fine work of the seven Paris couture ateliers which Chanel owns. And each year, Uncle Karl gives us a dream – whether it’s the perfect marriage of Paris and London, a journey through time to the Byzantine age, or an ode To Russia, With Love.

For me, these Métiers d’Art collections from Chanel often resonate the most. These are the ones that remain in my visual memory.

Well now, my darling Uncle has decided to take a trip to my Motherland. The Paris-Bombay collection, to be shown on December 6th at the Grand Palais in Paris, will be an ode to Mumbai.

Given Chanel’s rich history in couture craft and India’s equally embellished passion for ornamenting the ordinary, I cannot wait to see the collection.

After all, Karl is the West’s answer to the mac daddy Maharaja, is he not?

Karl Lagerfeld, Modern Maharaja on Exshoesme.com
The modern maharaja of mode?
Sir Bhupindra Singh, Maharaja of Patiala on Exshoesme.com
The mac daddy Maharaja, Sir Bhupinder Singh of Patiala.

Update: Read the posts on the collection…

Bonjour Bombay, Paris Ko Dena Pyar

Bonjour Bombay, Paris Ko Dena Pyar, Part Deux

Images: Karl from Getty Images; Patiala Saab image courtesy of AGO.

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