Basking in Bordeaux

I am revelling in the Pre-Fall 2012 collections thus far. That’s right, before you’ve barely worn your FW11, PF12 is hitting runways.

The collections so far, have me basking in bordeaux, bursting at the burgundy seams, coveting claret and marinating in my darling maroon.

Colour me content and spoiled for choice – and we are only a few days into the fashion we will wear between summer and freezing.

Those crisp evenings will welcome more than a few ladies in red.

Oscar de la Renta PF12 cranberry trousers and cowl neck blouse on
Cranberry punch - perfect for the holidays, no? I love the idea of slinky trousers for a cocktail party.

The cocktails? Campari and cran, of course.

Jason Wu PF12 claret belted gown on
Carefree in claret at Jason Wu PF12.

Note the luscious lippy at Wu, too. Never met a burgundy lipstick I didn’t love.

And if you aren’t soft around the edges and colour outside of the lines (although, not outside of the lip lines, please!), there is a harder version for evening…from…Carolina Herrera? Yes, double-checked and it is hers!

Carolina Herrera PF12 bordeaux ballgown on
Leading lady in leather at Carolina Herrera PF12.

Your days needn’t be drab, my dears – there were many choices of cherry to pick from. While I wouldn’t assemble the pieces below in the same way, I do love a grey/red combination and like the road that jacket could take me on.

Oscar de la Renta PF12 burgundy leather coat on
A classic combination - I have deep affection for deep red and grey - at ODLR.

And while we are on that road, we might as well ride it all the way. I adore this coat by Jason Wu. First, it is on that persistent pipeline.  Add to that the non-fussy sleeves without buttons and buckles, the soft, yet structured tailoring – and hello, the black on burg embroidery. Is it not screaming for a pair of shiny, snakeskin, knee-high stiletto boots?

Am I the only one who can hear those screams? Okay, then. Besides, I have the precise shade of lipstick to match the coat.

Called it.

Jason Wu PF12 burgundy embroidered trench on
The Indian girl in me is very happy right now - a little maroon, a little embroidery and a scrunched up sleeve.

Note the slight sling of the skinny belt by various designers in the pics above and below, too. I liked Pringle’s mod librarian. You won’t catch me in this look, but I liked the idea of layering tones of the same colour.

Pringle of Scotland PF12 burgundy cardigan, skirt, boots and belt on
Monochromatic in maroon with a dash of spice at Pringle of Scotland PF12.

This skirt at Oscar moved better than it photographed – as I witnessed via the live stream of the show this morning. I’d like to see it with a fitted merino v-neck sweater and stretch suede boots – both in the same colour and one that contrasts the skirt – plus, one of Eina Ahluwalia’s cuff bracelets.

Oscar de la Renta PF12 high-waisted burgundy leather pencil skirt on
How does ODLR manage to make a leather skirt look ultra modern?

In my opinion, a high waist never goes to waste.

Jason Wu PF12 burgundy metallic pencil skirt on
I am wooing this Wu skirt into my closet. It will be married to my French cuffed, crisp white shirt, shoulder-duster Rajasthani gemstone earrings and McQueen burgundy tiger claw heels.
Me, in my McQueens and ruched salwar pants on
Me, in my McQueens and ruched salwar pants. Si, the toes are vino. What?

…which brings us back to evening. Shall we clink glasses and toast to a good crop?

A girl has to build the burgundies in her closet, like an oenophile builds his stellar cellar.

By the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve been marooned

Images: ODLR photos from; Herrera and Wu images from; Pringle image from; my McQueens, by B.

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