Over Accessorized: Coffee Couture Edition

Now I have seen everything.

Is it me or are you over-branded, over-caffeinated and over-accessorized if you need a leather, logoed coffee cup holder?

Jimmy Choo Croc Coffee Cup Sleeve on Exshoesme.comI know there are new product categories every day, but this is ridiculous. Is this really the essence of Jimmy Choo?

As a card-carrying member of the marketing profession, I’m not sure I agree. I think it’s brand dilution (insert bad coffee joke here). I wonder if the idea came out of a genuine need to re-use scrap leather from their shoe and handbag biz, or whether it was indeed a brand new product line developed at the coffee shop around the corner?

Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Coffee Cup Sleeve on Exshoesme.com

This doesn’t mean people won’t buy it, of course.

Oh fashion, sometimes you can be very, very silly.

Images: Net-a-Porter.com.

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