New Resolve

It’s a brand new year.

Look straight ahead, into the mirror of your soul.

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2012 Blue and Red Printed Dress on
Take a long, hard look at your recent self. Is she whom you want to continue to be?

But first, embrace what you face with grace.

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2012 Gold, Ivory and Black Gown on
Jonathan Saunders understands that we want to be graceful, without gasping for air each time we try to move.

If you didn’t like your old patterns, create new ones.

You are the architect of your life.

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2012 Black and White Printed Suit on
Resolve to follow the pursuits that you love most, and wear what suits you the most.

Change the colour of your thinking.

You are the artist of your reality.

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2012 Pale Blue and Taupe Day Dress on
Colour outside of the lines you know.

But you cannot forge your future without acknowledging your past.

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2012 Black Evening Skirt and Lace Blouse on
Life is as intricate as it is simple.

Give it a nod of gratitude for its teachings.

Then, straighten up, ease your shoulders back, think happy thoughts and take a step…

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2012 Turquoise and Navy Dress on
Beauty comes from little pieces of thread being woven into fabric, from small lines being transformed into a pattern, from individual steps creating a journey.

It may not be a straight line ahead, but the curves are what keeps things interesting, after all.

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2012 Sheer Sleeved Black Gown on
I see you.

It’s all in your view, really.

Change how you see yourself and the world will see you differently, too.

Be positive. Be confident. Be beautiful.

Believe, my dears.

Believe – and it will be.

Wishing you and your 2012 selves a gorgeous year ahead!

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