Union Jacket

Here’s a better shot of the Union Jack jacket I mentioned yesterday.

David Bowie in McQueen Union Jacket during the Earthling Tour on Exshoesme.com
A heartfelt fashion moment.

It’s the result of a collaboration between Alexander McQueen and David Bowie and Mr. Bowie opened his Earthling tour in 1996-97, back turned, wearing it.

David Bowie in Alexander McQueen during the Earthling Tour on Exshoesme.com
No ordinary Earthling…

It was a fashion moment I shall not forget.

David Bowie Earthling Album Cover on Exshoesme.com
Mr. Bowie, rocking the frock coat, on the album art.

It also made an appearance on the album’s cover and in The Met’s AngloMania exhibition at the Costume Institute in 2006, borrowed from Bowie’s personal collection.

Earthling Tour Union Jack jacket designed by Alexander McQueen in collaboration with David Bowie on Exshoesme.com

The Union Jack seems to leave a constant visual impression for many a designer. I’m still not over the McQueen boots and Chanel bag from the Paris-Londres collection.

Images (in order): 1. via LiveJournal; 2. Image by Mitchell Gerber/CORBIS; 3. via Tower Records; 
4. Metropolitan Museum of Art image. 

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