Burgundy Bag Babe

Guilty. Guilty as charged.

I like the wine.

And may I just take a moment to whine that everyone is wearing my fave colour these days?

Well, I suppose I can stock up for when they are bored with the burg, which of course, I shall clutch on to, forevermore.

Lu-uved this Rachael Ruddick embossed bag to tuck under my arm for a trip to l’opera…or the supermarket (La Grande Epicerie de Paris deserves a little respect, after all).

Rachael Ruddick New Opera Embossed Clutch on Exshoesme.com
Burgundy is never boring, for this burgundy babe.
Rachael Ruddick New Opera Embossed Clutch - Back on Exshoesme
Big enough for all the essentials - including an easy access zip for refreshing your Tom Ford lips. Black Orchid, of course.
Rachael Ruddick New Opera Embossed Clutch  - Closeup on Exshoesme
It won the key to my heart.

I have the lipstick, shoes, ensemble(s) to match. Natch.

Available at Selfridges.

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